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NEW H.A.R.M. hydraulic brake, set (1515940)

posted on 7 November 2014 | posted in New Products

NEW H.A.R.M. hydraulic brake, set (1515940) H.A.R.M. hydraulic brake, set (1515940)

After many years of co-operation with other manufacturers for hydraulic brakes, we decided to manufacture our own brake system again.

With the current brake system we could convert all requirements without compromises.

The most important points of the H.A.R.M. hydraulic brake:

- Master cylinder with sturdy brake lever from aluminum in order to minimize the wear by vibrations
- Fastening bolts for the brake lever and thrust bolt, simply to install and demounting
- integrated compression spring for the master brake cylinder piston
- wheel brake cylinders with one piston for even pressure build-up
- retaining plate for the brake pads with adjusting screw to setting up the distance for the brake disk easly
- thickness, robust and long-live brake pads
- all brake parts are made from high-strength aluminum 7075

The set contains all parts for one axle including the linkage.


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