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Lipo HV battery 22000mAh 8S1P 30,4V 25C/40C - 3003220

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First high-voltage Lipo battery for 1/5th on-road models with *30 minutes driving time!

22000mAh capacity
34.8V voltage
More than *30 minutes driving time
Extremely easy
Maximum power
Optimized for 1/5 competition models

Technical specifications:
Capacity: 22000mAh
Cell number: 8S8P
Voltage: 30.4V
Weight approx .: 3150g!
Dimensions approx .: L 195 x W 100 x H 77mm
Power connection: 10AWG / 5,3qmm
Balancer connector: 8S XHR
Charging current standard: 1C / 22A
Charging current Max .: 2C / 44A
Peak discharge: 40C / 880A
Continuous discharge: 20C / 440A
Standard discharge voltage: 26.4V / pack / 3.3V / cell
Max. Discharge voltage: 24.0V / pack / 3.0V / cell
Cell Safety: Certified UN Test

* 30 min drive time can be achieved depending on driving condition, driver, car set-up


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