Who Are Rapid Racing?

Rapid Racing are Sole UK Importers for: H.A.R.M Racing Products

As we as importing H.A.R.M products we also import from:

  • GRP Tyres
  • PMT Tyres
  • Genius Lightscale
  • FG Modellsport
  • Oddified Tuning Services
  • Mecatech
  • Multiplex
  • Futaba
  • Savox
  • Samba
  • SCS M²

We hold a wide range of H.A.R.M Racing, Genius and FG Modellsport parts in stock.

Rapid Racing offer our customers quality products at a good price. Whether you require advise on stock or you have a problem with your car, we offer excellent friendly, professional service.

Please contact us today we would be happy to help.